Top 5 Most Prosperous IT Professions

Nowadays, many feel the wish to work in IT. However, they might not always know the precise profession to choose. If you are one of those people, this article with the top 5 most prosperous IT professions is exactly for you. I sincerely hope you’ll get interested with at least one of them and build your successful IT-career in future.

Software Engineer (aka Programmer)

This is probably the most popular profession. It’s like a symbol of the entire IT field. And it became my choice back in the day when I used to be a student. I frequently went to pay someone to write my research paper and study Python instead.
Keep in mind, that the job tasks of a programmer actually consist of logic and math by like 70 percent. So, your math knowledge should be really good. Additionally, a modern software engineer should know more than one programming language.

Software Testing Specialist (aka Tester)

You might understand the responsibilities of this specialist from the profession name. The testing specialist works to test the software. They conduct testing to reveal the program malfunctions and to fix them both before and after the release.

Business Analyst

A modern business analyst is a specialist busy with analyzing various business processes for a client in order to automate those processes after. The task is to define the client’s problems and ways to solve them successfully.
Business analysts should know the basis of software development and testing, and use the particular instruments to analyze and formalize the client’s demands.

QA Engineer

This IT profession is also very popular nowadays. The software quality assessment specialist is the worker directed to improve the software development itself. They find mistakes and prevent defects in the product’s functioning.
People frequently make a mistake when they think testers and QA engineers to be the same. Just like I might need two different people to write essay for me online and to proofread it, they require testers to check the ready-made software, and QA engineers to shape the testing processes during the project development to improve performance and quality.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is the expert busy with collecting multiple pieces of data and knowing how to find logical patterns in them. Then, data scientists transform the info to serve it in a more comfortable format, suitable to solve business tasks with the collected data and mathematical modeling.
To solve job tasks well, a data scientist needs to know how to work with different programming languages including Python, SAS and R, with statistics, analytical methods, machine learning, deep learning and text analytics. This IT profession is among the most skill-based and paid ones in the entire field.

To Conclude

The IT field itself is among the most prosperous professional directions nowadays, and the demand for IT specialists will only grow in future. Choosing your profession today will guarantee you a successful career. However, the field is changing rapidly, so you should be ready to continue learning new things all the time.