QA & Testing

Your organization needs to deliver technology solutions to customers in a cost-effective, fast and quality way. The only way to do so is by testing software applications you use to ensure they are keeping up with the needs of your customers and your organization. When you hire Crunchy Consulting, we take out the headaches and worries of quality assurance testing because we do the QA work for you.

Independent, Quality Testing Services
Our testing services help your organization improve its reliability, quality and performance of all IT systems and related software applications. Using industry tools like PHPUnit and Selenium, we perform in-depth, comprehensive testing to ensure each application, software and hardware unit functions at its absolute best.

Technical QA
Your organization needs an IT support service that meets all of your infrastructure and technology needs. The best IT services, like Crunchy Consulting, will provide your company with technical quality assurance that includes:

  • Accreditation – We don’t use products that are not accredited or certified first. We look and use only the industry’s best standard technologies and systems. Our experts have the training and knowledge to inspect, test and review all suggested products offered by Crunchy Consulting.
  • Partnerships – When you use Crunchy Consulting, you gain access to our global list of partnerships. We have access to the latest technology, resources, support and premier IT information that benefits your organization. We use these connections to test, review and ensure that each product we offer is above industry standards.
  • Regulatory Qualifications – There are federal, state and local regulations that organizations must meet in today’s IT marketplace. Our specialists focus on these regulations and ensure that every product, software and component we recommend meets the newest requirements at all times.
  • Environment Management – Your physical and virtual environments are mission critical for your organization. Regardless of the size of your organization, you need assurance that the products and IT information you receive will keep your organization running the way it should. Crunchy Consulting offers high-quality QA testing and environment management to ensure your company avoids any software and IT technology pitfalls down the road.
  • Experts – We are industry experts. Therefore, we know what products, IT technologies and services your organization needs to work at its best. If we recommend a product or service, we do so using our combined years of industry experience and know-how.

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