Michal helped us code two large projects. Both projects required complex data relationships, table structures, and creative solutions. Michal delivered on all points. Michal worked well with minimal direction and provided solutions when requests were ambiguous and only deficiencies found in existing systems that were expressed by the client. Michal’s code is clean, well documented and easy to follow.

One project, called Proposals, is a multi-step product selection wizard a sales team can use to sell products. The matrix of products includes multiple categories containing products with intricate relationships. Each product selection made by the sale person changes the available selections further into the wizard. Michal included an intuitive admin panel and some very neat solutions for some additional features.

The second project was an advanced website navigation. Products sold by the manufacturer cover multiple selections in multiple categories. The client wanted these selections to be available as links from each of the product pages, but also the relative products to be available from each of the selections in each category. Again, Michal created an intuitive admin for selecting the relationships and managing of all the data and easy integration to the front end of the website.

I have been pleased to work with Michal.

Gabriel Burdett
Website designer