We believe that if a company limits the technologies it employs, it limits its industry capabilities. That is why at Crunchy Consulting we employ an open-source of technologies so that we have the right solution for your organization regardless of its size or industry. We know our customers invest a lot of their resources into their IT systems; therefore, we want to ensure you get the maximum return on that investment by utilizing a variety of industry technologies.

Below you will find a list of our main technologies, but don’t worry, there are plenty more available to our experts through our global network.

  • Appcelerator
    The Appcelerator Titanium platform helps Crunchy consultants develop tablet, mobile and desktop applications using the
  • Magento
    This versatile and highly adaptable system allows us to offer you an eCommerce platform that
  • Zend Framework
    This open-source, object-oriented web development program is perfect for applications operating on a PHP5 framework.
  • Drupal
    This open-source content management platform has powered millions of organizations of all sizes and issued
  • Symfony Framework
    If your website requires high-definition and development, we can employ the Symfony Framework to develop
  • jQuery
    We know you need the best when it comes to your JavaScript library. That is
  • PHP
    This open-source general, server-side scripting helps us develop the best applications for the web. PHP
  • CakePHP
    Web applications have never been easier with CakePHP. With CakePHP, we can develop web applications
  • WordPress
    Your company’s image is everything, which is why we help find the best solutions for
  • MySQL
    Used by some of the world’s largest organizations like Google, Adobe and even Facebook. We

Additional Expertise

Crunchy Consulting has years of experience in the IT industry. That is why we offer you a variety of technologies to meet your organization’s IT needs that include:

  • IT security (risk assessments, defense and planning)
  • Operating systems (both online and through desktop)
  • Business applications (workstation and server applications)

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