Requirements specification

A requirements specification is comprehensive. It collects all relevant, substantial information that defines the purpose and inner workings of your system. By having a requirements specification in place, you can better explain what a software application is for, what it’s supposed to do and how it should perform.

Application development

Does your company need a custom application that suits your industry services and needs? Need it done quickly? Crunchy Consulting can help. Crunchy Consulting offers your company a full range of application development, implementation and monitoring services.


The technology and business worlds are undiscovered, untapped and highly resourceful. Some of the country’s most top-performing organizations have been able to reduce operational costs and add value to the core of their business.

IT support services

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At Crunchy Consulting we know that every organization has different needs and it is mission critical to have the right IT support in place. Whether you are a small business, a single individual or a Fortune 500 company,

Training and education

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Crunchy Consulting wants your IT experience to go as seamless as possible. Rather than provide your in-house employees and IT professionals with a guide, we come to your organization and do one-on-one, hands-on training to ensure your organization’s professionals understand the ins and outs of your new IT system.

QA & Testing

Your organization needs to deliver technology solutions to customers in a cost-effective, fast and quality way. The only way to do so is by testing software applications you use to ensure they are keeping up with the needs of your customers and your organization.

Deployment services

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It is important that you have your IT infrastructure installed and deployed in an effective, productive and efficient manner for maximum return on your investment. Crunchy Consulting’s end-to-end deployment services are backed by our industry experience and expertise.