Agile methodology

Agile software development is a method of software development based on the incremental model. Requirements and solutions change during continuous cooperation. The concept of agile programming was proposed in 2001 in the Agile Manifesto.
The main aspect of this methodology is a disciplined project management. It includes frequent inspections of requirements and solutions. Specific steps in the software development iterations are closed, in which each time a generated code is being tested, gathering requirements and planning the next solutions. This allows us to quickly produce high-quality software.
A key element is the direct communication between all stakeholders in the project. If the team members are in different locations, we use the contacts through the available channels of communication (video conferencing, e-mails, etc.).

Basic principles of agile:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction by the speed of software development
  • Working software is delivered periodically
  • The main measure of progress is working software
  • Late changes to the specification do not have a bad impact on the software development process
  • Close, frequent cooperation between you – our client and us – implementation team
  • Direct contact is the best form of communication in the team
  • Focused on the technical aspects and good design
  • Simplicity
  • Constant adaptation to changing requirements