Requirements Specification

A requirements specification is comprehensive. It collects all relevant, substantial information that defines the purpose and inner workings of your system. By having a requirements specification in place, you can better explain what a software application is for, what it’s supposed to do and how it should perform.

Getting Started
The most important step when developing a software system or project is identifying and documenting the requirements of you, the customer. Without the necessary definition, your project can be inefficient long before it’s even developed and implemented. If your requirement specification omits or uses ambiguous language, the result is the same. It is imperative that you hire an IT consultant who can create a correct, consistent and accurate requirements specification.

Crunchy Consulting makes it cost-effective and convenient to develop new software applications and start IT development. We provide you with the right track and by bundling your services with us, we save you time, effort and of course, headaches.

Typical Requirements of a Requirements Specification:

  • Functionality – The function of your system is comprehensive. This section considers your systems behavior, redundancy, human factors and trade-offs.
  • Interface – This covers separate functions that come from specified hardware.
  • Performance – This value is quantitative — not perceived. We state levels, rates, frequency and speeds in measurable values.
  • Operation – Discusses how the system is supposed to operate in its entirety.
  • Resourcing – Discusses any constraints that come from your hardware and system setup.
  • Verifying – All of your acceptances after your design and project are completed. Specifies what performance your product should operate at once the project is complete.
  • Testing – Discusses all tests that Crunchy Consulting conducts before you accept the product.
  • Documenting – Lists what documents are related to your project and how they will be delivered.
  • Safety – Covering data, equipment and human safety.
  • Quality – Local and international standards that are met by your project.
  • Maintaining – Discussing the long-term life and performance of your new system.
  • Reliability – The requirements your facility must provide and specific functions your system offers as well as how long these will continue.

How Crunchy Consulting Helps
Crunchy Consulting offers you requirement specification services that include:

  • Planning the scope and development route of your project;
  • Analyzing any requirements based on your company’s needs;
  • Developing software prototypes for testing;
  • Monitoring requirements and mentoring your in-house engineers;
  • Developing requirements for your project;
  • Developing software and all associated requirements;
  • Assessing, reviewing and modifying our applications.

We are a full-service provider of efficient specification requirements. We clearly define the interaction, functionality and reliability of each application associated with our services. We can assess any risks and define parameters within the project to leave you room for growth down the road. If you’re ready to get started, contact a Crunchy Consulting professional today by visiting the Contact page.