Successful business man Crunchy Consulting offers superior IT solutions and technical consulting to businesses of any size and any industry.

Crunchy Consulting may be a new name on the IT circuit, but our expertise is anything but “new”. As long time providers of IT solutions, we have seen how most IT consulting firms operate. Unfortunately, it is not effective. Most firms don’t offer standardization and structure within their consulting practices. Their systems are prone to failure and don’t run at their maximum capacity.

At Crunchy Consulting, our approach is pro-active. We manage your company’s IT needs by looking at the problems your business faces and taking the preventative steps to ensure your company doesn’t suffer from catastrophic failures in the future. Our implemented IT solutions are monitored and we ensure that your company’s infrastructure and mission-critical data is protected at all times. We can recommend security policies that keep your company, network and data safe. Our team can perform routine IT consults that stay within your corporate budget. To keep your system working smooth, we ensure that any outdated or recalled hardware, software and components are replaced to ensure your Crunchy Consulting IT solutions are always reliable.

All of our signature, pro-active services come to you in a cost-effective bundle that allows your business to utilize the IT solutions it needs without dipping into precious revenue.

Our Services

We offer 100% customizable IT solutions that fit your company’s budget, industry and size. Take advantage of our IT services that include:

  • Requirement Specification Identification
  • Application Development
  • Reliable Outsourcing
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Training and Education
  • IT Support and Services
  • …and Deployment Services

Why Hire Crunchy Consulting?

We have spent time putting together an expert team of engineers, administrators, software and web designers and technicians who are ready to serve your business. We had a wide range of experiences that include numerous operating systems, networking technologies, data recoveries, and programming technologies.

We are well versed in a variety of hardware products and software technologies. By doing so, we are able to offer you the IT solutions and technologies that help your business grow in today’s highly competitive market. As a local Chicago IT solutions provider, we can offer responsive, expert and focused services to our customers. We value our clients and look forward to helping your company establish and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure.

Feel free to get started by learning about our Services or Contact us today to learn more about how Crunchy Consulting can provide you with targeted, client-centric IT solutions.